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Young woman getting treatment at medical clinic. Fire cupping cups on back of female patie


Cupping therapy has been around for thousands of years and used, to this day, in multiple countries around the world.   They are many methods of cupping which uses suction and negative pressure, instead of compression on the tissue.  This allows for local expansion of tissue which improves local blood flow and stimulate the lymphatic flow.  By lifting the tissue, it will help to loosen the area of restrictions and break up adhesions.  It also helps to release hypertonicity in muscles by activating the muscle spindle reflexes and help myofascial release which can be the cause of, but not limited to chronic pain, numbness, tension in neck, headaches, tendonitis and frozen shoulder.  It can also be effective on softening and improving the mobility of scar tissue on the skin.

All cupping styles can be integrated as part of your Massage Therapy treatment, except fire cupping.  The reason is because of restrictions by MTANS (Massage Therapist Association of Nova Scotia) and insurance providers.  Therefore, fire cupping can only be claimed through insurances under the title of a Registered Acupuncturist.

Even though I am certified in 6 different styles of cupping, I currently offer 5 which are:

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Kangzu Biomagnetic Cups

The Kangzu biomagnetic cups uses stationary magnets to help the body balance its electromagnetic current naturally.  This current controls cell regulation and various tissue functions (Ex:  reduces fluid retention, inflammation, relieves/stops pain, etc).  Excellent therapy to integrate as part of a treatment for pain management and assist in the healing of various soft tissue injuries.

Conditions which may benefit from Kanghzu Biomagnetic Cups:

  • Arthritis

  • Back pain

  • Headaches, including migraines

  • Joint pain

  • Stress/Tension

  • Tendinitis


Baguanfa Silicone Cups

The Baguanfa Silicone Cups are excellent to increase blood flow, decrease muscle tension, alleviate trigger points, assist in myofascial release and naturally increase muscle mobility.  Useful in treating various sports injuries and help increase the flow of the lymphatic system.  They can be strategically placed on muscles where a client is experiencing restricted range of motion.  Once applied, the client may be asked to actively move through certain range of motion or have the practitioner passively move through the restricted movements.


EarthSpa Bells and Belletazze Facial Cups

The EarthSpa Bells and Belletazze Facial Cups are speciality cups for the face and neck only.  They will not discolour the skin.  Excellent to help improve the blood circulation and flow of the lymphatic system.  Often used in treating Chronic sinusitis.

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