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RockTape (Kinesiology Taping)

Kinesiology taping has been used for over 30 years by various health practitioners.​  The material portion of RockTape is woven from a blend of cotton and nylon fibers and uses an acrylic, latex-free medical adhesive.  It is water resistant so you can wear it while taking a  shower, swimming or other aquatic activity, including high intensity workouts.  Once applied, it is typically recommended to leave it on for 3 to 5 days.

The Functional Movement Techniques (FMT) primary goal is to encourage proper movement while using RockTape.  It can be used in all stages of injury - acute, sub-acute and chronic - along as throughout the rehabilitation process.  In some circumstances, it may be used as a preventative measure during training and assist in improving overall performance.

RockTape mechanically lift and decompresses the  skin along with the underlying tissues.  This allows for better circulation to and from the area which can decrease swelling at the site of injury and pain.  Kinesiology taping can be in addition used to help support the lower back during pregnancy, assist in postural imbalances such as pain or discomfort often associated with sitting at a desk for long periods of time, nerve entrapment and scar tissue.

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